We have been upgraded to LEVEL 1

We have been upgraded to LEVEL 1

Cass Training International College has recently achieved the esteemed status of being an Australian Student Visa Framework level 1 provider. This is a significant milestone for our institution and provides significant benefits to students who chose us as educational provider in Australia.


Why should you opt for an Educational Provider at Level 1?

When pursuing education abroad, choosing the right educational provider is crucial. Australia’s Student Visa framework categorizes educational institutions into different levels based on various criteria. Cass Training International College has achieved level 1 status under this framework, making it a highly attractive option for international students. Let’s explore the benefits of selecting an educational provider at level 1 during your stay in Australia.


    • Simplified Visa Process: Opting for a level 1 educational provider streamlines the visa application process for students. The Australian Student Visa Framework considers level 1 providers as low-risk, simplifying the application and granting process.
    • Faster Visa Processing: Level 1 providers enjoy faster visa processing times compared to higher-risk categories. This means you can receive your visa approval more swiftly, allowing for better planning and preparation for your educational journey in Australia.
    • Increased Visa Approval Chances: Students applying through a level 1 provider have higher chances of securing a student visa. The lower risk profile associated with level 1 providers makes the visa approval process smoother and more likely to succeed.
    • Enhanced Visa Experience: Choosing an educational provider at level 1 enhances your overall experience with the Australian student visa system. The streamlined processes and higher approval rates contribute to a stress-free visa application experience.
    • Confidence in Your Education Provider: Level 1 status signifies that the educational institution has met stringent quality and compliance standards. This gives you the confidence that you are choosing a reputable and reliable institution for your studies.
    • Quality Education Guaranteed: Level 1 providers are recognized for their commitment to offering high-quality education. By selecting a level 1 educational provider, you ensure that you receive an excellent education that aligns with international standards.
    • Focus on Your Studies: The simplified visa process associated with level 1 providers allows you to focus more on your studies and academic growth. You can invest your time and effort into achieving your educational goals without unnecessary visa-related concerns.



Selecting an educational provider at level 1 under the Australian Student Visa Framework offers a plethora of advantages for international students. From a smoother visa application process to higher approval rates and a focus on quality education, level 1 providers like Cass Training International College provide a conducive environment for a successful educational experience in Australia.