CTIC educates and empowers our students and prepares them for life beyond school.

CTIC takes a holistic approach to education making sure the learning is enjoyable and meaningful

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At CTIC we have enthusiastic, dedicated teachers and a wide range of classes for different skill sets.

At CTIC we have unique electives tailored specifically to our students needs.

  • Electives enable students to focus upon their individual needs while giving freedom to control their own learning outcomes.
  • Exposes students to different teaching styles.

We create a unique learning environment so that students can achieve beyond just language skills.

Hear what our students have to say…



Mar, 25

Dear Student In response to your feedback and the recent government announcements, we have decided to offer online learning in ‘virtual’ classrooms from Monday 30 March. This week do not come to school on Thursday 26 March as this will be a ‘Teacher Only’ day of preparation so that we can prepare our staff for […]

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Mar, 16

Dear Student COVID-19 continues to dominate news channels and more and more information is being provided to the general public. We are very understanding of community concern, the latest information from the Department of Health and Education will be always passed on to you via email as soon as it is sent to the school. At this […]

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What Our Students Say

Giuseppe from Italy

Giuseppe from Italy

Hi I am Giuseppe!

I started in Intermediate level and I moved to Upper-
Intermediate after few weeks! I have improved my English skills a lot as I am quite fluent now.
I am really happy that I have studied at CTIC and also met great people.

Thank you everybody! Giuseppe

Michal CECH from Czech Republic

Michal CECH from Czech Republic

Cambridge FCE course is a serious intensive course which I enjoy a lot. Our teacher Miranda, who is creatively engaging us to be focused during the class, gives us equal opportunity to practice speaking to improve which is great.

I am just happy to come to class everyday and learn.

Michal CECH from Czech Republic

Martin Jan DYBIONA (from Poland)

Martin Jan DYBIONA (from Poland)

I had this pressure on me to achieve IELTS 7.0 and it was very stressful. My teacher Ann was very supportive and I don’t think I would have made it without her. I am so glad that I chose CTIC English for my study. Thank you!

Martin Jan DYBIONA from Poland  (IELTS Preparation)