Home to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Tower Eye, Sydney is a popular destination for foreigners, travellers, students and locals alike. It is a bustling metropolitan but with a laid-back lifestyle, and with its diverse multicultural society, there are more than 250 nationalities calling Sydney home.


With such a diverse community, Sydney offers cuisines and specialty stores from all corners of the world and in many shapes and sizes. There are cafes, restaurants, bars, take-outs, stands and specific ethnic groceries to cater to any craving and desires.


Sydney is ranked 4th as the world’s leading urban destination by QS 2016 for international students and is ranked in the Top 10 for infrastructure security and personal safety.
This is definitely a contributing factor for anyone that wishes to live and study in Sydney.


Sydney’s climate is quite charming, with low humidity, winter averages at a maximum of 17 degrees Celsius, and in summer it averages at 26 degrees celsius.


With its gorgeous bays, golden beaches, vast national parks, and friendly locals, Sydney is in the midst of it all. Being well-balanced with a unique combination of suburban and outdoor living It proves as a great base to explore Sydney and its surrounds. Other notable attractions is the Sydney Aquarium, State Theatre, IMAX Theatre, Taronga Zoo, Botanical Gardens and the infamous Bondi Beach.


You can easily go about and soak in the sun, and swim under the supervision of fully trained lifeguards. That is not all, some of the popular destinations offer excellent water activities such as kayaking, swimming, surfing and snorkeling.


Sydney boasts a vibrant community and business environment that showcases live music, galleries, creative performances, sports, exhibitions, shows, markets, and events that can simply keep you entertained year after year. Many of which events are free of charge, and with world-class recreation and facilities there is simply never a dull moment. Some popular events are Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney Festival, Bondi Winter Festival, and Vivid Sydney.


To escape the modern metropolitan, natural reserves and National Parks are right at the doorstep. Iconic national parks such as the Greater Blue Mountains, Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, Royal National Park, and Lane Cove National Park are just a stone’s throw away. Visitors to these parks can expect either coastal walks along the rugged edges of Australia, hikes up the mountainous ranges, or simply a laid-back picnic. Activities can also include camping, abseiling, rock climbing, caving, and canoeing. This would surely get you up close and personal with nature. to get up close and personal with nature.


Besides the many great attractions, events, and things to do in the area, Sydney is definitely a great place for students to not only live but to study as well.


Sydney has a terrific public transport system, with trains, buses and ferries constantly servicing throughout the city and beyond. Just tap on and tap off, and take advantage of the Opal Card system that the The public transport system relies on. These Opal cards can be purchased online, at the railway stations or at any newsagents.

Taxi services are readily available and easy to find, but are considered quite costly compared to other countries.

CTIC is not only surrounded by fantastic restaurants, shops and an area with terrific water views, but it is situated in close walking distance from two major train stations, Town Hall and Museum.


Australia’s high cost of living is quite a fright depending on your type of lifestyle, but once the money and pay slip starts rolling in, the fright starts to wear thin.

Sydney and its surroundings offer plenty of work, for those seeking either part-time or full-time. There are a wide array of jobs available of all sorts. Many students whilst studying take up part-time work to not only pay bills and amenities but to also get closer to the community and understanding the culture.

These sites, in particular, are useful for finding work:

For further information, visit This site has additional information about what is required on living in Sydney, including working, health, transport and much more.